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Accommodations for Corporate and Business People

The Global village has lead to lot of journey men travelers who hop on the flight and has their 3 meals in 3 different location, cities or even countries, all these travel leads to tired men., men who take decisions, who are responsible for life and career of many, men who employ  many and also helps in national building should have the basic Amenity of a comfortable, luxurious and  normal life style they are used to, which is natural to their high octane life style.
Thus we at Blobb , cater to People who are not only tired after a day’s work, looking for Peace, Relaxation and Luxury of Home, we have build an atmosphere which not only relaxes and sooths the nerve but also makes them not to miss home, we make sure they get accustomed to our service and care.
We can be also used as Registered Office or  a preferred address if you want to create at a base in a new city, All this are open to discussion, which gives a Win -Win situation for both the parties in collaboration.
We have Special package for Long Staying Guest  (LSG ) for corporate, We have all the facilities for them to have their Meetings, Presentations and Conferences, we provide State of the ART , technology but we also bring warmth and affection in the mix.
This is not all , we have special deals for more number of people looking to stay for longer time to initiate any new projects, so we have special Gourmet kitchen which not only brings the taste and flavor of their choice but healthy, holistic and fitness based.

LIVE in the Way your Used to

Our Space, Our Service and  Our Amenities , speak for themselves as we have not only state of the Art technology but we provide Seamless service and uniformity and Consistency is our middle name

Come and fall in love with blobb Spaces